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Valentines Day

I would just want to implement a quote time where I post quotes that I find inspirational. I really like looking on quotes myself and I find them very powerful and inspirational so I just want to share some with you.

I have a quote for today that might fit valentines day.

The quote for today are: “Action is more powerful than words”

My thoughts about this quote

In my opinion, I think this important meaning can fit in to so many situations. For example, there could be things you say you might want to do but are constantly putting on hold. Such a thing could be that you might want to achieve a goal, maybe to exercise more, and if you only write it down or say it to people, it helps, but it won't come true unless you take action. You have to make it happen by deciding to actually do it.

It's great when you have achieved the goal or done the task, because then you can think of the things you want to do next. It is a great feeling, so take action, that's important.

Another comment I want to add to this is that an action could be a nice gesture and a nice thing that can be more powerful than just say it with words. Words can be ok and sometimes difficult to say but actions can be even harder. Another example of this could be to be nice to people by treating them well. Do something that shows them how much you value their friendship instead of just saying it. This can mean so much to a person.

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