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Start of my journey


In this blog post, I am going to write about the start of my journey. So if you are interested, keep reading!

The beginning of the trip started when we wanted to move out. We considered and thought about our options, of what was possible to do. It took a long time before we decided what to do, although, eventually we found the thing we were excited about. That was to travel to Europe, my parents had made a similar trip several years earlier and had loved it.

We decided to not travel by plane, and instead travel by car. In afterthought, this was the smartest decision we could have made since it has come in handy a lot. We have been able to take the car and decide how long we wanted the trip to be, we had the freedom to decide where we wanted to stay and where we wanted to go with great flexibility.

Now let's say we would've chosen to travel by plane instead, we would've had to minimize our options of where we could go and it would have been much more expensive. For example, when we are staying at our residence, we have the possibility to take the car wherever we want to go instead of taking a cab or having to walk since it can be a long way. We also had the opportunity to drive through different capitals, where we discovered so many amazing things.

We started to plan our trip 1 year before we moved out of our house. Since the move we have been planning the trip step by step so often we plan one country ahead. This means that we book our residence, plan what to see and sometimes where to visit, plan the amount of time it will take us to get there and much more.

The route of the trip is constantly changing and reconsidered because we book our upcoming accommodations as we travel. So our original plan for the trip has changed many times and has been considered many times. At the beginning of our journey, we had a set trip where we would go, then that trip changed a few times since we felt like visiting some other countries or places instead. So the original route was not set in stone, we just had a direction of where we wanted to go.

The reason we sold our house is simply that we felt that we didn’t want to live there anymore. We wanted something new and fresh. So it just worked out better and better since we didn’t have that cost or something that would drag us back. Although, it did come with a lot of work. We had an incredible amount of stuff in that house since we had lived there for 17 years (yes, that is a long time). So we had extremely much stuff that we needed to take care of, whether that meant to throw it away, store it or take it with us.

It also took a very long time to do all of this cleaning which just pushed forward the date of moving out. In fact, it took so long, we were moving out the same day the new owners of the house were moving in. So we stood that day in our yard with still way too many things that we had to take with us, which lead to the car being totally packed.

To be continued….

I hope you enjoyed this reading and I hope you are excited to see where we did next on our journey.

I hope you all the best!

*Picture location: Stockerau, Austria 🇦🇹

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