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Secret to not feeling sick while traveling

I have a secret to share regarding something that will help you reduce or even take away travel sickness completely while traveling. When you for example get sick while going on a boat or a car, you can either feel a slight sickness or a pretty bad one. According to this is a common feeling that occurs when there is repeated motion from a vehicle or any other movements that disturbs the inner ear. To learn more, go to and search on google.

I have the solution: Sickness wristbands

Sickness wristbands help you take the sickness away. The working principle works by pressing a special acupuncture point on each wrist, called the Neiguan Point. The bracelet has a special plastic ball that restores balance, it has full effect by wearing one bracelet on each wrist at the same time.

It also has numerous uses which makes it even more convenient to own. Works for reducing car, sea, fly, morning sickness or any other travel sickness. They are also available in several different colours.

I would prefer to choose cotton wristbands since it is a more natural material. So have linked one in this post which you can find on Amazon.

Information about them

How to use them

Before you put them on, measure with three fingers on your wrist from the end of your hand. Take the wristband and put it right where the last of the three fingers are placed. That is where the pressure point will be.

For an extra effect, you can put pressure on it with the use of your finger, at the beginning to make it more effective. To be sure, read the instructions that follow with the product before using it.

When to put them on

You can either put it on before you get sick or right when you feel it. The effect will be different depending on when you put it on. If you put it on some time before you know you will be sick, you can avoid feeling sick. Though, if you put it on when you are feeling sick, you can maybe diminish the sickness feeling. It will be harder to get rid of it completely. One tip could be, when you put it on, push it a bit, that will increase and speed up the effect.

I would recommend to put it on a while before you might are suppose to travel or similar to just avoid feeling sick. I would then suggest putting it on about 30 minutes before that time.

My experience

I have used these wristbands for a long time now, as has my family and we have had a positive experience with them. They work perfectly well and I am so pleased with my purchase of them. It has come in handy several times, for sure and it is always a pleasant surprise how good they work. I would definitely recommend them to you if you have sickness problems.

If you are further interested in knowing the benefits and the uses of the non-nausea bands, you can do some research about it. It is truly interesting!

Hope you have a safe and nauseous free trip!

(Prioritise safety, this post is not created to encourage anyone to travel at these times we are in right now. This post is a tip for future or necessary travels, a tip if it would occur)


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