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My transportation when traveling (Mitsubishi)

My name (Girl By Car) might sound Inappropriate since I am using a means of transport that is harming the environment. But let me explain. The car I am using to get from place to places is a Mitsubishi. This car is a hybrid which means that it has split fuel usages. It runs on electricity and on petrol.

I have traveled with the car in all of the countries I have visited. I have changed car once during my travel but I changed it to the same brand just a different model. We have one of their larger cars and it is a really spacious car and has a good amount of space for our luggage.

Mitsubishi is a really good car when it comes to comfort, safety and it is very stylish. It has (fake) leather seats which makes it comfortable and easy to clean if something got spilled. It is a quite easy driven car and is really silent on the road. However it can be hard for pedestrians to hear the car so drive safely and be aware of the pedestrians' unawareness. It is also a car that blocks out much sound from the outside which makes it a good talking atmosphere where you don’t have to raise your voice when having a conversation.

It also has an automatic gearbox so it is quite comfortable and nice to drive.

The more you can cut out emission, the better. So we choose to have a Mitsubishi as our traveling car.

There is actually a lot of electric charging stations around Europe. You can often find charging stations in parking spaces, it is usually some parking lots that has been specially made for electric cars to stand there. If you have the opportunity to charge it then that is great.

You can also see charging stations when you look somewhere while driving, they are not only placed in parking spaces. To be more sure to find a charging station, you can get an app or search on google.

In my opinion, the Mitsubishi car would be a very good travel car since it has many advantages and has taken my family a very long way. It has also been a very good means of transport.

If you want to check out Mitsubishi's website, click here

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