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My first time in Paris

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Paris has been a place that I have been dreaming about and have been wanting to go to ever since I was little. Even though I am only 19, I have been wanting to go there for a long time. And when I finally got to visit it on 17th of March 2019, I was amazed, lost of words. Paris was only a location on the way to our next location which was (Lille) in northern France but we got to see it.  It was such an amazing experience even though it was a short one. When I say “short one” I mean that we just drove through the city with our car. So we could only get a glance of the beautiful city. I really wanted to stay there but we had to continue our journey. 

We got to see some tourist attraction during our short tour in the city. We got to see the eiffel tower! It was such an amazing experience and it was such an extraordinary monument that I have waited to see for so long. We only got to see it for a short matter of time so I snapped some pictures of it. 

So when we first drove to Paris, we saw the Eiffel tower in the distance. That was just such an amazing view. Then we drove into the center of Paris where we aimed to see the eiffel tower up close. On our way there, we saw the replica of the statue of liberty which was standing in the middle of the river; Seine. That was something I didn't expect to see. Although, it was very nice to see. Right after the statue of liberty we drove up on a bridge which where we also got a view of the Eiffel tower again. 

When we started to approach the Eiffel tower, we only had a short time to snap some pictures before we drove off to drive on Champs-Élysées and to end with seeing Arc de Triomphe. We drove to Champs-Élysées and saw Arc de Triomphe, we also saw place de la Concorde on the other side of Champs-Élysées. It was an amazing view. 

At the time we were there, it had been some protests the day before which had caused damage on the street. It was burnt newsstands and crushed glass. So it was not a pretty sight but I was happy I had a chance to even be there. I could imagine the beauty of it when it was in top condition. It took some time to approach Arc de Triomphe since there were many cars on the road. But when we finally were right beside it we took some photos and then kept going to our next location. 

So that was my first visit to Paris. And it was (in my opinion) a really good one. Also a memorable one.  Thank you for reading my story!  I hope to see you in my next blog post!

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