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My birthday!!🎁

Hi! Three days ago (1st May) I turned 19!!🎉 I had a great birthday, filled with people dear to me and beautiful moments. The theme of the day was “movie”. So the day was going to be filled with things that had some connection to movies. 🎥🎞🍿🎬 We dressed up like movie characters, we had movie-themed quizzes and saw a movie.  So since we dressed up like movie characters, I decided to dress like Cher in the movie “Clueless”. 

The evening went on and we ate, laughed, played a quiz and watched a movie. We had a great time and I am so happy that we could celebrate it like this. Everything was beautifully done.  For dinner, we had a three course meal that included a first course, a course meal and a dessert. For the first meal we had some luxurious snacks. For the course meal we ate fillet of pork served with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was delicious since it was homemade. The dessert was a piece of a chocolate pastry with chocolate cream. 

(There are only juice in those glasses)

During and after we ate, we played several different quizzes that my mother had prepared. The games were so fun to play and also challenging.  The rest of the evening we watched the movie “Rain Man”.

About the movie

In the movie, we get to follow a man that loses his father. He gets unexpected news when he reads the will. He finds out that he wouldn't inherit any money. The money was instead sent to some organization which he further investigates. He doesn't have any idea why the money was sent there because he doesn't have any siblings that could inherit the money or recognition from that place. So when he visits the organization he gets more unexpected news...

The movie "Rain Man" is very interesting because it has such a special story. It is a well-made movie. They really got the story, all of the emotions and thoughts through to the audience. So it would be a recommendation from me.

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