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Continued story of my trip!! First residence on the journey!

The date of our move was on the 21 of December 2018. The day we moved out of our house, we were a bit stressed but most relieved to finally have done it. Due to some complications, we had to find our way to the nearest gas station, where we grabbed something to eat and waited for our car to arrive. However, when the car arrived at the gas station we had to rearrange our luggage in the car in order for us to even fit into the seats.

Since we didn’t have any earlier experience of this we had no idea what to pack, also we had planned to travel for a longer time so that only added the luggage that we needed. So we needed to have enough luggage that could last for that specific amount of time.

So when we had our luggage and ourselves ready in the car we drove down to Småland, Sweden where we stayed overnight. The next day we drove to Malmö, Sweden and down to Middelfart, Denmark where we also stayed one night. We drove straight to Denmark and when we arrived the sun had already fallen so we directly went to bed.

The next day we woke up and ate breakfast, then we were off again to a Christmas market in Lübeck, Germany. We stopped there to visit a very nice Christmas market that took place there.

We had tasty burgers with fries at a nice restaurant.

After the visit in Germany, we kept on driving on to Szczecin, Poland. We arrived in Poland at the evening of the 23 of December. When we arrived in the neighborhood where the apartment was going to be, we didn’t quite find the apartment at first, it took some time but eventually we found it. At a start, when we arrived, we felt a bit worried and scared since it was a new place and it was the first time we had ever been in Poland. It was also the start of our journey so we had many thoughts running through our heads.

I have realized, as the trip goes on, the most judging or questioning stages are the first moments when you arrive to a place. As we usually arrive during the dark hours, we get more unsure when we first look at it. Then that feeling usually drops the day after when you have gotten the opportunity to see it during the daylight.

This was the first time we took all of our luggage out of the car. Unfortunately, we stayed on level 5 in the apartment building and there was, of course, no elevator when we were going to stay in the apartment at the very top. So we had to drag all of our luggage up the stairs and then run back down to pick up some new luggage. We did this several times (and that was a lot of times) until we managed to get all of the luggage up to the apartment. We were tired after that so we went straight to bed.

To be continued…

Thank you for reading!

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