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...Continuation on travel to Poland, Berlin and Prague

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The day after we had arrived in Poland, it was Christmas eve!

During the day we went out to discover and explore the surroundings to get to know the area better. We took our time to explore it since we were just going to spend the day relaxing. It was after all Christmas Eve, and we had finally got the stress away from the move.

However, we did go inside a mall that was open. We walked around but didn’t find anything. Even though it was Christmas, most of the stores were open (last-minute shopping).

We went home after we had strolled around for a while. When we arrived at the residence, we tried to make it cozy so that we could feel some Christmas vibes, we did after all not have any Christmas decorations or a Christmas tree. So there was hardly anything that indicated the Christmas season. But we tried our best to make it feel like Christmas, we appreciated the situation we were in and had a great time together.

As the evening approached, we tried to set the table with some of the similar Christmasy food we had found at the store. It was nothing like a Christmas table but it was totally fine. We ate the “Christmas dinner”, then took forward some Christmas candy and started looking at “Home alone”. That film is one of my favourite Christmas films, a good recommendation. Although, we unfortunately did not watch the whole film because we felt tired so we went to bed.

When we woke up the next day, it was moving time. So we packed all of our stuff to be off to Prague, and passing through Berlin on our way.

We didn’t stop in Berlin since we had a long way to go. It was a nice city with a lot of Christmas decorations set up during Christmas time. We didn’t see much, excluding Berlin, then we carried on driving.

When we finally arrived in Prague, the evening had arrived and the light had been switched out by the darkness. This time we were staying at a hotel...

Stay tuned for the continuation of the story!

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